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Dog Training

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We have the Best Dog Trainers in Lucknow

Are you finding the best and professional dog trainers for your dog so you come to a right place. As being a dog parent we want to have a perfect dog but find dog training both challenging and scary. It can be little daunting when you think about the right kind of training which your dog needs.

Worry not!!! We have got it covered for you. We have fully trained and professional dog trainers.

Dogs are in always in regular need for nutrition and proper exercise. We provide suitable and qualified trainer for your dog.  We put in our special effort to ensure that your pet remains healthy and happy.

Why Dog Training is Important:-

Dog training will be having different levels and is designed as each dog is different. Different dog might or might not have different issues and aggressions. Common aggression or issues which are dominating in dogs are pulling on the leash, jumping on other people, not coming when called, mouthing and watering issues, chewing issues and much more!!!  These issues, although seems scary but with our trained and qualified trainer we will make sure that you get it all done. We provide separate dog trainer for each dog.

Dogs just as human being might be really bright in one specific area or field and might really struggle with another one. May be he is great at remembering and following various commands but might find navigation little difficult. This requires not only understanding of how they bodily behave but also how their brain functions. Understanding your dog’s behavior is important for all over development. In our training process our dog trainers take care all activities of your pet.

Types of Training:-

We in our institution provide various different level of training for the overall and continuous development of your pet. The levels are classified from basic to commands to advanced command to some loving tricks. All together the training contains 50 commands. Basic commands involve basic mannerism required such as calling by name, sitting, standing, ask for permission and being gentle. Further in advanced commands your pet will learn some advanced commands such as: walk faster, walk slower, touching the target, drop it, speaking, fetching and much more. Finally in dog tricks we will teach your pooch to entertain have fun along with the various commands such as high five, kissing, bow, sit pretty, crawling, moon walking and a lot more to look forward to.    

The process needs consistency, patience and support. Sometimes the pet might take a little longer to react and respond in the proper manner. We keep in mind that proper and over all development of your pet is necessary to keep him physically and mentally stimulated and healthy. We would like to point out that training for your furry friend is not just one-time solution but rather is a constant ongoing process.       

We have a staff of trained and passionate dog trainers who are certified. Our staff provides a force-free and kind training approach towards your furry friend.