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Welcome to Relite Pet Gallery!

Relite Pet Gallery is one of leading Pet Shop in Lucknow.

Relite Pet Gallery is one of the Best Pet Shop in Lucknow. This Gallery is optimized for Pet lovers. We are here to provide you with the best of Pets of all breeds. ! Pets are always  our important family members and we want them also healthy and clean but sometimes with our busy schedule, we have no enough time to care our pets so Relite Pet Gallery gives the same attention and care of your pet as like you.

Relite Pet Gallery also introduces Relite Pet Salon which pampers your pet with the same attention and care as like you. Pet training , Pet Boarding and Pet mating facilities are also under one roof.

Pet Grooming
Dog Training
Pups & Kittens
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Pet Medicine & Vaccination

What we do ?

Pets Grooming

As being the best pet shop we know there are a number of good arguments to why grooming is important for the dog. We know that the little friends have to have a good shampoo from time to time because one of a common pastimes is rolling inside the dirt; we also realize that this doesn’t happen look really good when their hairs are all filled with out,the`just go out of bed’ look doesn’t fit well to dogs! We suggest u read on to find out a few considerations that u might not know about grooming a dog.

Pups & kitten

Pet adoption is the process of taking responsibility for a pet that a previous owner has abandoned or released to a shelter or rescue organization. Thinking about bringing a new pet home to your family? Think adoption first! Not only will you be giving a pet a loving home, you'll be providing space at the shelter for another pet to be saved, too! In our pet shop we have many breeds of dogs and cats.

Pet Products

Relite Pet Gallery provide all the products which are required by normal pets like food, chains & collar, toys, beds, cages etc. We deals with various brands which are currently running in Indian market like Himalaya, Goodies, Royal Canin, jerhigh etc.

Dog Training

Are you finding the best and professional dog trainers for your dog so you come to a right place. As being a dog parent we want to have a perfect dog but find dog training both challenging and scary. It can be little daunting when you think about the right kind of training which your dog needs.

Medicines & Vaccination

Like people pets needs vaccines, and pet vaccination , may sometime require a booster to keep them affective. The best way to stay on schedule with vaccination for your dog or cats is to follow the recommendations of a veterinary Doctor you trust . Deforming `schedule Here at pet salon we know your pet is essential for many reason.

Dog Boarding

Do you want your pet to be taken care of even when you are not around!!! You have come to the right place for your pet. Pet boarding recently has been in high demand especially for those pet parents who wants their furry friend to be taken care off.Dog boarding have recently been very versatile and in demand as most of the pet parents want to give their pets the best comfort and love when they are away.


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